History of Walt's Healthfood:

Natural Health Foods

Walt's Health Foods and Specialty Shop has not always gone by that name.  In the 1950s and 1960s Frank Bennett ran and owned Henry's Pure Food Shop on 134 N. Mechanic St. in downtown Jackson.  Coincidentally a fellow by the name of Walter Shuberg was employed at Henry's and so was a woman by the name of Juanita Taylor.

Walt and Nita (as her friends called her) became good friends while working together and eventually became a couple and then even got married.  The two not only enjoyed each others company but also enjoyed the line of work they were in, so when Mr. Bennett was ready to sell the business Walt and Juanita could not pass the opportunity and purchased Henry's Pure Food Shop.

Henry's Pure Food Shop was renamed Walt's Health Foods and Specialty in 1969.  It was located in the same location at 134 N. Mechanic for several years.  Then in the mid-1970s Walts Health Foods moved in the location of the old Hunts Sporting Goods Store located at 102 W. Michigan.

Walt's Health Foods is currently located at that same location on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Mechanic St. in downtown Jackson across from the Post Office.  At this current location three generations of the Shuberg family has been employed in one way or another.

Another side venture for Walt and Juanita's was opening Natural Health Foods in the late 1970s as well.  Natural Health Foods started out at the Westwood Mall, and since 1981 has been located in the old Paka Plaza which is now called Jackson Crossing (at the intersection of I-94 and US-127).

store front

Natural Health Foods has been managed by Walter's son Walt, Jr. since the early 1980s.  Walt, Jr. purchased Natural Health Foods from his father in the early 1990s and has ran the store and owned it since then as well.

Then in the early 2000's Walt, Jr. and his wife Jean bought Walt's Health Foods from Walter and Juanita.  Walt's Health Foods and Specialty Shop has been part of the community since 1969 with a sister store at the Jackson Crossing called Natural Health Foods since 1971.

Walt's Health Foods is currently managed by Paul (Walter Sr.'s son in law and Walt, Jr.'s brother in law) and the Natural Health Foods is still managed by Walt, Jr.  The family run business prides itself in being part of the Jackson community and servicing its customers the best way that it can.

You can still find Walter Sr.'s grandchildren and great-grand children running around at any given time.  During the busy fruit basket season of the winter holidays you will more than likely find anywhere between 2-3 generations working at one time with the same goal in mind; getting the work done, pleasing the customers, and always having a good time with a smile on their faces.